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At Ethereal Touch We bring over a decade of nursing experience to our studio.  We are prepared to manage post surgical matters as well as non surgical body treatment.  Our team of experienced healthcare providers is ready to handle all of your needs.  Our flexible schedule exists to accommodate any client. 

"I've seen a huge improvement in how I look and feel"

“Alleina is incredible at what she does.  She’s knowledgeable and she’s such a sweet lady.  I was always skeptical about whether the massages made difference or not and boy let me tell you that ever since I started getting my massages with Alleina, I’ve seen a huge improvement in how I look and feel.  I also love how organized and how clean everything is.  Alleina made me feel comfortable and cared for me since day one.  I honestly don’t think my recovery would of been as quick and easy without her help.  If you’re looking for someone to provide your post op care, Alleina is the person to go to.  She’s amazing and you wont regret it.”

"I wish I knew about Ethereal Touch sooner"

“I had the most amazing experience yesterday andi just have to shout out AC Benjamin for helping me out and being so dope! I am 3 weeks post op today, I was told I have fibrosis, I have been in excruciating pain and this surgery was worse than all my others combined.  My body is swollen and hard and up to a few days ago I was regretting my surgery.  Last week I posted on here very desperately hoping that there were other dolls that could offer advice, help and I just didn’t know if I was the only one who’s been through this.  Many of you reached out with compassion, suggestions and positive thoughts and I have to say Thank you all so much and then I was sent an Angel AC Benjamen.  She is a registered nurse in NY who also specializes in post op care.  She contacted me ASAP, told me that there’s no way I can have fibrosis, advised me of what I can do to relieve the pain and swelling.  She told me that if I could make my way to NY she would help me as much as possible and boy did she.  I was given great advice, faja advice, exercise advice, I had an amazing massage and my fiance and I received step by step instructions on what we needed to do at home to help my recovery.  She has been only a text or phone call away every day and been a life saver.  I plan on making my way back to NY as soon as possible and I’m advising any doll in the NYC area to hit her up for all your post op needs.  She was amazing and just so freaking nice, knowledgeable and funny.  I could have spent all day talking and laughing with her.  I just can’t put into words how much she has helped me and how much I appreciate her.  I can’t thank her enough for all her help.  I wish I knew about her pre sx because I know my recovery would’ve been a lot easier and I could’ve saved a lot of pain and tears.  Hit her up ladies.  She is awesome!!!”

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